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David Bowie – Hunky Dory

David Bowie’s first ready-made classic finds the supreme shape-shifter eagerly anticipating the raunchy camp swagger of the impending Ziggy Stardust phenomenon. Released on this day in 1971. The transitional Hunky Dory was recorded at Soho’s Trident Studios in London with … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan – 1965, Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, NY

The next concert Dylan played after his controversial appearance at the Newport Folk Festival performance was on 28 August 1965 at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York. This photo is Bob at the soundcheck before the gig.  On August … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan – Too Late

Bob Dylan’s Springtime in New York is the latest instalment in his vast unreleased catalogue containing tour rehearsals, demos, and outtakes from the dawn of the ’80s. It’s a rich and rewarding era for Bob, it’s also a period marked … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Photographer Al Clayton was present during the last session for Bob Dylan’s Self Portrait (1970) album. These black and white pictures here finds Dylan at ease, conversing with musicians and listening to a playback at Columbia Records’ studio in Nashville. Dylan’s … Continue reading

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Tangled Up In Bob

On the great man’s 80th birthday, guest writer and long-time fan Chris Wyness brings us – Tangled Up in Bob: My Personal Relationship With Dylan. As a long-time Bob Dylan fan, his 80th birthday got me thinking about my personal … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Roxy Music – Siren (1975) South Stack, Anglesey, Wales. Supermodel Jerry Hall poses as a mermaid for the cover of their fifth studio album. Led Zeppelin – II (1969) The design was based on a photograph of a Division of … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan and The Band – The Best of the Basement Tapes

Haven’t trawled through the entire six CD box set of Bob Dylan and The Band Complete Basement Tapes Bootleg Series Volume 11 as yet? Here at The Press we’ve done the hard yards for you and compiled the best 17 … Continue reading

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Rediscover Live Music: Top 20 Live Albums

Live music has been in short supply, so now is a good time to take a double-gatefold look at 20 of the greatest live LP’s of yesteryear to atone for all the cancelled gigs we were supposed to see.  What … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks (1975) Toronto photographer Paul Till snapped the profile shot of Bob and his Telecaster during a January 1974 concert in the city, and then used a combination of sophisticated dark room development techniques … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan – Electric Black Nite Crash

Happy 79th Birthday Bob! This 1965 Californian Hollywood Bowl recording finds Dylan in transition, and is every bit as fascinating as had been rumored. The acoustic set is breath-taking perfection. The electric set doesn’t crash quite as hard as it … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan – I Contain Multitudes

New Dylan song……a midnight release that feels like midnight. In short, it rules. A new album in the works. Songs coming out one by one? So good to hear Bob originals again after eight years. Today, and tomorrow, and yesterday, … Continue reading

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London: Part 2

Welcome to the European Rock Pilgrimage (also known as my family holiday February 2020 including something of a celebration for a significant birthday milestone, but more about that later) where I’ve managed to visit some of my favourite ever rock … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan – The Motorcycle Crash

One of the defining moments of the Dylan myth is the Triumph motorcycle crash, 53 years ago today, which led to him taking time out of the public eye for a couple of years. For for all its importance, details … Continue reading

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#1: Bob Dylan – Self Portrait (1970)

Coming in at number 1 on our Top 25 Greatest “Worst” Albums Of All Time is none other than the sprawling double album released by the legendary Bob Dylan in 1970: Self Portrait. Fleshed out expansively on the recently released … Continue reading

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Look Closely: Dylan’s John Wesley Harding

Seen Jesus in a potato chip? Well, is that the tiny Beatles hidden in the tree in the John Wesley Harding album cover? You be the judge.  

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Look Closely: Dylan and Von Schmidt

On the cover of Bringing it All Back Home, early-60s folk/blues contemporary artist Eric Von Schmidt’s album, The Folk Blues of Eric Von Schmidt, can be seen atop a pile of Bob’s records. Here’s Bob in the Von Schmidt pose … Continue reading

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#5: Bob Dylan – Down in the Groove (1988)

Never before has a Bob Dylan album been quite so difficult to classify. The general consensus among Dylanophiles conjures up a very grim assessment indeed. In fact, complete disownership is usually the treatment for 1988’s obscure, much-despised Down in the … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin Bob Dylan (1963)

The street on the album cover is Jones Street in Greenwich Village, a small street west of 6th Avenue and between Bleecker Street and 4th St. (positively!) The photograph was taken in February 1963 by Don Hunstein. Dylan lived a … Continue reading

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