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Top 10 Remarkable Songs Off 10 Unremarkable Albums

Here at The Press we are counting down the top 10 remarkable songs off 10 relatively forgettable albums by any given artist, with the intention to uncover some hidden gems along the way we may have otherwise sidestepped. So enjoy … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Roxy Music – Siren (1975) South Stack, Anglesey, Wales. Supermodel Jerry Hall poses as a mermaid for the cover of their fifth studio album. Led Zeppelin – II (1969) The design was based on a photograph of a Division of … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan and The Band – The Best of the Basement Tapes

Haven’t trawled through the entire six CD box set of Bob Dylan and The Band Complete Basement Tapes Bootleg Series Volume 11 as yet? Here at The Press we’ve done the hard yards for you and compiled the best 17 … Continue reading

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Rediscover Live Music: Top 20 Live Albums

Live music has been in short supply, so now is a good time to take a double-gatefold look at 20 of the greatest live LP’s of yesteryear to atone for all the cancelled gigs we were supposed to see.  What … Continue reading

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Bob Dylan – Electric Black Nite Crash

Happy 79th Birthday Bob! This 1965 Californian Hollywood Bowl recording finds Dylan in transition, and is every bit as fascinating as had been rumored. The acoustic set is breath-taking perfection. The electric set doesn’t crash quite as hard as it … Continue reading

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Across the Great Divide – The Band and America

Author: Barney Hoskyns (2003) The most rewarding music biographies are always those which express a passionate interest in the subject matter. Barney Hoskyns’s portrait of the original alt-country pioneers the Band is one such. When all their contemporaries were heading … Continue reading

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