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#14: Lou Reed – Rock n Roll Animal (1974) / Live (1975)

Here at The Press we look at expansive double albums and trim it back to a single, filler-free listening experience. In the case of Lou Reed’s scary ’73 glam-phetamine performance, brashly released as two single live LPs in the mid-70s, … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Alice Cooper – DaDa (1983) Alice Cooper delivered his eighth solo album, and something of a comeback in 1983. It was called DaDa, and while far from his most commercially successful release, it really is quite good and holds up … Continue reading

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Alice Cooper – Killer (1971)

A masterclass in 4 piece piledriving rock. Having heard Million Dollar Babies (’73) a million times it’d always been 3 star album for me, with of 3 all-timers: Hello Hooray, Raped and Freezin’, and the monstrous title track. Love it … Continue reading

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