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Sound & Vision | Bowie’s Album Covers Ranked

From the 1967 self-titled debut to his final masterpiece Blackstar, The Press puts their spin on the album artwork of every David Bowie album, including some honourable (and dishonourable) mentions. Bowie’s albums were never just about the music. They concurrently … Continue reading

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Eno: Masterworks 1974 – 1977

There’s a little more to oblique strategist Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno’s career than just that ambient guy or big time producer of bands such as U2 and Talking Heads, or for inventing the … Continue reading

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Top 5 Songs – Robert Quine

Robert Quine’s steady session work with a wide range of musicians created an individual vocabulary as crucial as any guitarist in rock. The Press counts down the American guitarist’s Top 5 Songs. Emerging in the New York punk scene in … Continue reading

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Bowie – Deep Cuts Pt.2

On what would’ve been the great man’s 75th birthday, The Press brings you Part 2 of our Bowie Deep Cuts series, collecting some interesting mixes, demos and live versions, and album tracks.  David Bowie – Deep Cuts Pt.2 mp3 TRACKS … Continue reading

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Adrian Belew Meets David Bowie

Guitarist par excellence Adrian Belew was discovered by Frank Zappa in a small club in Nashville, only to be poached by David Bowie for a globe-straddling tour. The Press has the lowdown. The extraordinarily inventive Belew caught the eye of … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

The castle depicted on the iconic album cover of U2’s The Unforgettable Fire is the stately ruin Moydrum Castle, and the dramatic image was taken by photographer Anton Corbijn north of Athone in Ireland. The album’s photograph, design, sepia tone … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Tom Phillips’ 1972 oil on canvas After Raphael. A detail was used on the front cover of Brian Eno’s 1975 masterpiece, Another Green World. Tom Phillips was one of Eno’s mentors and friends from his Camberwell School Of Art days, and … Continue reading

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Bowie Miscellany

Adam Buxton’s top notch Bowie-related animations for your viewing pleasure: ASHES TO ASHES CLOWN SUIT STORY CONTAINS VERY STRONG LANGUAGE. Based on an anecdote from Michael Dignum. Animated by The Brothers McLeod. Direction and audio by Adam Buxton. DAVID BOWIE, … Continue reading

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David Bowie – “Heroes”

“Heroes” was released 43 years ago today by RCA Records and is arguably Bowie’s artistic zenith. The only album to be recorded entirely in Berlin, “Heroes” is stylistically similar in structure to Low, although has a fuller and more chaotic overall sound, … Continue reading

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Talking Heads – Remain in Light

The name of the band is Talking Heads, and the name of the album is Remain in Light. Released in October 1980 it is simply one of the greatest records in music history. A record without precedence, it was released … Continue reading

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Bowie Now

For an RCA Records US-only promo released in 1978, the intriguing Bowie Now is a surprisingly fine album-track selection of Berlin-era Bowie material and originally something of a rare artefact. The purpose of this record was to draw attention of … Continue reading

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Robert Fripp – Network

After the demise of King Crimson in 1974, Robert Fripp spent several years laying low before entering a period of high activity from 1977-1980. This collection is a brief summary of that period in his career. Network (1985) is now … Continue reading

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