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More Album Cover Outtakes

David Bowie – Tonight (1984) Bowie’s ‘tash album? Or Bowie’s trash album? Here are three Polaroid photographs that were taken by English designer Mick Haggerty for Bowie’s Tonight album in 1984, at the Carlyle Hotel NYC following the exhausting Serious … Continue reading

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Didn’t Know It Was A Cover | David Bowie’s Boys Keep Swinging

Bowie’s brilliant ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ was built on an identical chord sequence as ‘Fantastic Voyage’, a point noticed by very few people when the two were paired as a single in 1979. Over time it has become common knowledge that … Continue reading

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Stephen Malkmus – Groove Denied

Pavement mainman Stephen Malkmus’ 8th solo album was a radical new direction for the alt-rock hero, owing as much to DIY German synth-pop as late-70s high-tech experimentalism. Released after a sojourn in Berlin having jettisoned his backing-band the Jicks, Malkmus … Continue reading

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The Lemon Twigs – Everything Harmony

New York’s The Lemon Twigs release their long awaited fourth full-length studio album, Everything Harmony (2023). On Everything Harmony the prodigiously talented brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario offer 13 original songs showcasing an emotional depth and musical sophistication far beyond … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

The album cover image for Lou Reed’s New York was based conceptually on a 1932 photograph by Brassai called “La bande du grand Albert” of a Parisian gang standing in an alley. The cover for Lou Reed’s iconic New York (1989) … Continue reading

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John Lennon – #9 Dream

This slice of sublime pop from John Lennon’s Walls and Bridges album features background vocals from May Pang, John and Yoko’s Chinese-American personal assistant who became his lover in 1974. It could be assumed that it was Yoko Ono who … Continue reading

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Pavement | Sydney & Melbourne 2023

American indie-rockers Pavement performed in Sydney and Melbourne for the first time in 12 years as part of the Australian leg of their heroic sold-out 2022/23 world straddling tour. One of the most original, sincere and distinctive bands of the … Continue reading

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David Bowie – The 1980 Floor Show

It’s been 50 years since the first season of The Midnight Special and now they are back via their official YouTube channel with a series of extraordinary and officially unreleased David Bowie performances from 1973. The Midnight Special was an … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

The front cover to the Minutemen’s enduring masterpiece, the 45-track Double Nickels on the Dime, featured a photo of Mike Watt driving his Volkswagen beetle southbound on highway 10, aka “The Dime”, to his home in San Pedro, CA. Emerging … Continue reading

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The Rolling Stones | Montsalvat, 1973

Montsalvat Castle, an artist’s commune in Melbourne’s east, has been the location for countless film shoots, parties and special events, including a visit from The Rolling Stones 50 years ago to the day. In February 1973, The Rolling Stones returned … Continue reading

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David Gilmour’s Best Songs

As the primary architect of Pink Floyd’s sweeping signature sound, Dave Gilmour’s ever-distinctive vocal and guitar style is often mesmeric. The Press compiles 13 of his finest moments. We all know the story: When most bands would call it a … Continue reading

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Top 5 Songs – Joan Armatrading

Underrated British singer-songwriter Joan Armatrading can point to a fine body of recorded work over a 50-year career. Her material typically melds the rhythmic intensity of Afro-American blues with jazz, soul, and rock, elevated by sophisticated lyrics and melodies. A … Continue reading

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McCartney – Paperback Classics: Vol VI

Two of the all-time best Paul McCartney paperback classics and two songs that just happen to be among the artist’s most timeless recordings either for quality or unrealised hit-potential. The Press unearths these historically interesting tracks for your listening pleasure. … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Artist Charles Burns’ cover for Iggy Pop’s 1990 LP Brick By Brick included references to many of the album’s songs, such as a joint-smoking Kate Pierson, and even Roy Orbison!   Iggy Pop’s solo career had become something of a hit … Continue reading

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David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name

David Crosby’s debut solo album If I Could Only Remember My Name, was recorded during a traumatic time for the musician. Following the death of his girlfriend Christine Hinton in a car accident, the musician hunkered down in San Francisco … Continue reading

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Iggy Pop / David Bowie Collaborations in 16 Tracks

Iggy Pop and David Bowie were strong musical partners throughout the ’70s and ’80s, and this 16-track compilation provides an insight into the depth and breadth of their collaborations and friendship. “Some bands do Stones. Some bands do Chuck Berry. … Continue reading

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Bowie – Deep Cuts Pt.3

Continuing the Bowie Deep Cuts series, Part 3 reveals alternative mixes, unearthed demos, live versions, and album tracks, finding the artist stretching out, yielding some interesting results. David Bowie – Deep Cuts Pt.3 mp3 TRACKS 1. Right On Mother – Recorded … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

This untreated Polaroid of John’s piercing gaze has recently surfaced, believed to have been taken by Andy Warhol. John Lennon – Imagine (1971) The photograph for the Imagine album cover was taken by Yoko Ono using a Polaroid camera. It … Continue reading

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#13: The Clash – Sandinista! (1980)

Here at The Press we take a look at expansive double albums (in this case ‘triple’) and trim it back to a single, filler-free listening experience, negating the need to reach for the skip button or needle repositioning. In some … Continue reading

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Dr. Feelgood – Stupidity (1976)

With the recent passing of Wilko Johnson, best known as guitarist and songwriter for UK rock group Dr. Feelgood, The Press takes a look at one of their finest albums: the chart-topping live document, Stupidity. Wilko Johnson, who recently passed … Continue reading

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Japan – Tin Drum (1981)

Released on this day in 1981, Japan’s fifth and final studio album Tin Drum found the band embracing a new synth-heavy style, but sounded like nothing else at the time.  When English new wave band Japan released TIN DRUM (1981) ★★★★½, … Continue reading

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The Beatles | 1967

“Nobody else in the group digs When I’m Sixty Four.” Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Mick Jagger & Maggie McGivern (who was having an affair with McCartney at the time) at Paul’s home in Cavendish Ave, St. John’s Wood, London, 1967.

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High Fidelity – The Best of Elvis Costello in the ’80s

This 20 track collection covers the albums, artistic phases, evolutions, and bouts of fancy from Elvis Costello in the 1980s – arguably the bespectacled one’s most artistically rewarding decade. Emerging from Britain’s new wave scene in the late-70s era, Elvis … Continue reading

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Sound & Vision | Bowie’s Album Covers Ranked

From the 1967 self-titled debut to his final masterpiece Blackstar, The Press puts their spin on the album artwork of every David Bowie album, including some honourable (and dishonourable) mentions. Bowie’s albums were never just about the music. They concurrently … Continue reading

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John Lennon | September 1962

It’s all in the eyes. This rarely seen photograph of John Lennon on the precipice of superstardom was taken around the back of Paul McCartney’s childhood home in Liverpool 60 years ago to the day. We’ve seen a few shots … Continue reading

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David Bowie | Thank you for the cigs!!

This charming two-page note written by a 30-year old David Bowie to his friend and confidant Tony McGrogan in September ’77 with his shopping list of records, shows he was keeping his finger on the pulse of rock. Bowie made … Continue reading

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Lou Reed | I’m So Free – The 1971 RCA Demos

Fifty years on from his self-titled solo debut album, and nine years since his untimely death, Lou Reed is still nabbing headlines with a collection of rare demos released over the holidays and just as quickly withdrawn in an apparent … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

The retro-yet-modern album cover for Elvis Costello and the Attractions’ Get Happy!! LP was designed based on a photo of Elvis lying on a street grill. The packaging for Elvis Costello’s Get Happy!! (1980) sleeve was designed by brilliant graphic artist … Continue reading

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Cliff Richard and Steve Jones – Don’t Talk to Him

Steve Jones accompanied the ageless Sir Cliff Richard on one of his best songs, Don’t Talk to Him. This interview and acoustic jam session was from a long-lost broadcast of Jonesy’s Jukebox on indie 103.1 in 2007 when Sir Cliff … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

These slightly strange unused portraits of David Bowie were taken by photographer Nick Knight in December 1992, originally intended for the cover of his comeback solo album Black Tie White Noise. The album cover concept for Bowie’s 1993 dance-rock oddity Black … Continue reading

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David Bowie, 1981

On the face of it, 1981 was the quietest year of Bowie’s career so far. Having spent the last ten years redefining the rock landscape, there was no new album nor was there another world tour in support of the … Continue reading

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Top 5 Songs – The Sales Brothers

Born into show business, hired guns Tony and his brother Hunt Sales were the rhythm section and driving force behind some key moments in rock history. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, bassist Tony and drummer Hunt’s father was well known comedian … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

The photograph on the cover of The Kinks’ country-rock masterpiece Muswell Hillbillies was shot at the Archway Tavern in London, a couple of miles away from Muswell Hill in North London where band leader Ray Davies and guitarist Dave Davies grew … Continue reading

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T.Rex | The Slider

Released on this day 50 years ago, the timeless photograph of Marc Bolan on the cover of The Slider was credited to have been taken by Ringo Starr. But was it? The iconic photograph of Marc Bolan with his “corkscrew … Continue reading

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The Human League | Reproduction

The image on the cover of The Human League’s debut album Reproduction, anticipates their definitive line-up. Before the mainstream success of ‘Don’t You Want Me’, one of the most enduringly popular songs of the 80s, and before the twin sultry … Continue reading

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Mick Jones | I Turned Out a Punk

The guitarist and founding member of one of the most important and influential bands of the rock era recently turned 67. To celebrate, The Press compiles Mick Jones’ best songs with The Clash. The late Joe Strummer may have been … Continue reading

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Steve Hackett | Genesis Revisited

Innovative guitarist Steve Hackett and his band of supremely accomplished musicians brings to life the majestic music of mid-70s Genesis at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre. Genesis only ever made it to Australia once, in 1986 – years after guitarist Steve Hackett … Continue reading

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You Must Get Them All | Steve Pringle

Now Reading: Comprehensively immortalised in print by author Steve Pringle, You Must Get Them All is the first book to cover the entire catalogue of Britain’s post-punk colossus The Fall. The Fall produced a huge volume of high-quality work between … Continue reading

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Didn’t Know It Was A Cover | David Gilmour’s There’s No Way Out Of Here

While enjoying some much-needed respite from the claustrophobic Pink Floyd machine, David Gilmour summed up his fraught situation with one of his best solo efforts and the great ‘missing’ Floyd song: ‘There’s No Way Out of Here’ – but it … Continue reading

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The Rolling Stones – Emotional Rescue Outtakes & Demos

Defining the sounds of the 70’s by appropriating contemporary rock, funk and disco stylings on Emotional Rescue, these album outtakes and demos capture a band keeping things fresh within a changing musical landscape. The logical continuation of their tough and … Continue reading

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Top 5 Songs – Andy Newmark

Andy Newmark’s prolific treasure trove of session work spans decades with some of the biggest names in the music business. The Press counts down the American drummer’s Top 5 Songs. The drummer impacts the music more than anyone else in … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Curiously, the cinematic image that would grace the cover of U2’s classic album The Joshua Tree was not taken at California’s namesake national park, but rather some 250 miles north at Zabriskie Point.  Many fans assume that the cover was … Continue reading

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Top 5 Songs – Sex Pistols

It’s been well over 40 years since the Sex Pistols’ furious rock and rollercoaster ride and poke in the eye of the establishment changed the world, and no one has come close to equalling their cultural impact or influence on … Continue reading

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Duderama – No I In Dream (2022)

Duderama’s latest creative endeavour has just been released in Bandcamp: No I In Dream. Purchase: Bandcamp / Amazon Stream: Spotify / Soundcloud  / YouTube Follow: Facebook  /  Twitter The singles The Gist, Annihilate Together and Unmasked videos below. Treat yourself! Written, performed and produced by Duderama Recorded … Continue reading

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Frank Zappa – Läther 

Originally conceived as a contractually obliged four-record set in 1977, the ill-fated Läther was eventually released posthumously as a triple album on Rykodisc and remains among the artist’s finest work. Zappa’s career was peppered with conflicts and legal problems with … Continue reading

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Queen – News of the World (1977)

The terrifying cover art for Queen’s sixth album, 1977’s News of the World, is an adaptation of a painting by science fiction illustrator Frank Kelly Freas. Originally designed for an October 1953 issue of the comic book “Astounding”, it features … Continue reading

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Top 10 British Synth-Pop Albums

Britain in the 1970s, when bloated supergroups and progressive rock bands roamed the Earth, young pioneers obsessed by European experimental music like Kraftwerk, punk’s attitude, and Bowie’s glam-rock and icy Berlin-trilogy, were distilling these influences and dreaming of a future … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Kiss – The solo albums (1978) The painted images used for the Kiss solo albums, all released on 18 September 1978, were based on the cover of a 1977 Kiss world tour glossy. Only Ace Frehley’s image doesn’t match up. … Continue reading

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Talking Heads | Lifetime Piling Up

The band’s final single before their split was a return to upbeat anxiety and existential paranoia while effortlessly fusing avant-garde with Afro-pop.   Sharing a similar title to two of their greatest ever recorded moments (Life During Wartime and Once … Continue reading

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Eno: Masterworks 1974 – 1977

There’s a little more to oblique strategist Brian Peter George St John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno’s career than just that ambient guy or big time producer of bands such as U2 and Talking Heads, or for inventing the … Continue reading

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