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More Album Cover Outtakes

The album cover image for Lou Reed’s New York was based conceptually on a 1932 photograph by Brassai called “La bande du grand Albert” of a Parisian gang standing in an alley. The cover for Lou Reed’s iconic New York (1989) … Continue reading

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Lou Reed | I’m So Free – The 1971 RCA Demos

Fifty years on from his self-titled solo debut album, and nine years since his untimely death, Lou Reed is still nabbing headlines with a collection of rare demos released over the holidays and just as quickly withdrawn in an apparent … Continue reading

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Top 5 Songs – Robert Quine

Robert Quine’s steady session work with a wide range of musicians created an individual vocabulary as crucial as any guitarist in rock. The Press counts down the American guitarist’s Top 5 Songs. Emerging in the New York punk scene in … Continue reading

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More Album Cover Outtakes

Never before had Lou Reed seemed so approachable and joyful as he did on 1984’s New Sensations, an album that cast him in a new light without losing any of what has made him an icon.  New Sensations may not … Continue reading

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David Bowie – Hunky Dory

David Bowie’s first ready-made classic finds the supreme shape-shifter eagerly anticipating the raunchy camp swagger of the impending Ziggy Stardust phenomenon. Released on this day in 1971. The transitional Hunky Dory was recorded at Soho’s Trident Studios in London with … Continue reading

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#14: Lou Reed – Rock n Roll Animal (1974) / Live (1975)

Here at The Press we look at expansive double albums and trim it back to a single, filler-free listening experience. In the case of Lou Reed’s scary ’73 glam-phetamine performance, brashly released as two single live LPs in the mid-70s, … Continue reading

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Rediscover Live Music: Top 20 Live Albums

Live music has been in short supply, so now is a good time to take a double-gatefold look at 20 of the greatest live LP’s of yesteryear to atone for all the cancelled gigs we were supposed to see.  What … Continue reading

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Bowie’s Pin Ups

Two Hours Of ‘Original’ Songs David Bowie Covered In His Early Career. In a very special episode of Beat Orgy, RRR’s Steve Cross takes us through the original versions of the songs that David Bowie covered through his golden period … Continue reading

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Lou Reed – Street Hassle

Lou Reed left us on this day seven years ago so today is as good a day as any to celebrate one of the man’s finest works. Reed’s influence as a solo artist and leader of the now canonised Velvet … Continue reading

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Never Heard It Before…Until Now

I’ve never heard this album before…..until now. Why? Because now is as good a time as any to sit down and listen to something I’ve never heard, right? I’ve actually had them lying around and never bothered, or someone’s given … Continue reading

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Lou Reed – Top 50 Solo Songs Playlist

This Lou Reed Top 50 Songs is now available to listen to on Spotify. Listen here.

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Average Guy – Lou in the 80s

1. My Friend George 2. I Remember You 3. The Day John Kennedy Died 4. Pow Wow 5. High in the City 6. No Money Down 7. Women 8. Halloween Parade 9. Down at the Arcade 10. Hold On 11. … Continue reading

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#15: Lou Reed – The Bells (1979)

And so with The Bells we come to the end of a phase of Lou Reed’s career; the end of his sustained acerbic drug-addled persona for much of the 70’s (at least from Transformer to Street Hassle), the last album to … Continue reading

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The Velvet Underground – Live at Max’s Kansas City (1970)

213 Park Ave S New York City Recorded on a tape recorder by Warhol disciple Brigid Polk, LMKC is said to be the last VU performance to include frontman Lou Reed. The concert was part of the … Velvet’s nine-week … Continue reading

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