T. Rex – Solid Gold B-Sides


Marc Bolan wrote an astonishing amount of superb non-album singles and in many cases their b-sides were just as good. Here at Pierce’s Press we collect the particularly outstanding tracks from the T.Rex glory years – this is almost like discovering a long lost album – had it not been for the countless reissues and packages over the decades. Standouts here include the glam rockers Cadillac, Thunderwing, Jitterbug Love, and Sunken Rags among others, and this collection of excellent b-sides reveal the depth of T. Rex’s catalog as well as its sturdiness nearly 50 years on.

T.Rex – Solid Gold B-sides mp3

  1. Thunderwing – B-side to UK No.1 Metal Guru, opening track off The Slider (1972).
  2. Sunken Rags – B-side to UK No.2 phenomenal non-album track Children of the Revolution (1972).
  3. Cadillac – B-side to UK No.1 Telegram Sam off The Slider (1972).
  4. Jitterbug Love – B-side to UK No.2 non-album track Children of the Revolution (1972).
  5. There Was a Time / Raw Ramp – B-side to UK No.1 Get it On off the exquisite Electric Warrior (1971).
  6. The King of Mountain Cometh – B-side to UK No.1 non-album track Hot Love (1971).
  7. Life’s an Elevator – B-side to non-album single Laser Love (1976).
  8. Do You Remember – B-side to King of the Rumbling Spires (1969).
  9. Electric Boogie – B-side to UK No.1 Get it On off Electric Warrior (1971).
  10. Lady – B-side to UK No.1 Metal Guru (1972).
  11. Solid Baby – B-side to London Boys but appears on the disastrous Bolan’s Zip Gun (1975).
  12. Free Angel – B-side to the incredible 20th Century Boy single (1973) recorded during the Tanx sessions.


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