Duderama – No I In Dream

Duderama’s latest creative endeavour has just been released in Bandcamp: No I In Dream.

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The singles The Gist, Annihilate Together and Unmasked videos below. Treat yourself!

Written, performed and produced by Duderama
Recorded at Surface to Air Studios, Melbourne
Mastering and art design by Duderama

© 2022 Surface to Air Records Inc.

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4 Responses to Duderama – No I In Dream

  1. Very nice work, with a pleasing mix of sounds ranging from alt-rock to mild progressive to gentle psychedelic, with bits of mellow jazz here and there. Early favorites are “No I in Dream” & “Annihilate Together”.

  2. Sounds pretty good. Never heard of Duderama. Unfortunately, it looks like they do a less-than-stellar job to promote themselves on the Internet – other than the cryptic background on their Bandcamp, there appears to be no information about them in the public domain. I find this a bit mind-boggling, especially nowadays where it’s fairly easy to create an online presence with social media, etc.

    • Thanks Christian, yes I’m currently working on a fb page and instagram, otherwise it’s bandcamp and The Press for us. Appreciate you checking it out. Feel free to share or plug in any way, and for the comment.

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