Queen – News of the World (1977)

The terrifying cover art for Queen’s sixth album, 1977’s News of the World, is an adaptation of a painting by science fiction illustrator Frank Kelly Freas.


Originally designed for an October 1953 issue of the comic book “Astounding”, it features the robot holding the dead body of a man, and captioned, “Please… fix it, Daddy?” to illustrate the story The Gulf Between by Tom Godwin. The robot killing the man was likened to a child injuring a bug and looking up at his parents saying “what have I done?”

      dce91d7d482b9dfb2dde39f4d537beec--queens-sci-fi-art         astounding

A science fiction artist with an awe-inspiring body of work, Frank Kelly Freas was involved in the science fiction field from 1950 until his death in 2005. He painted everything from pieces for NASA, book covers, magazine covers, buxom beauties, nose art on fighter planes, even Mad Magazine’s Alfred E Newman, as well as the covers for the GURPS books for Lensman and Planet Krishna. He won numerous awards, and was often hailed of “The Dean of Science Fiction Artists.”

Drummer Roger Taylor, a huge fan of science fiction, had the comic book and shared the image with his band mates who were similarly inspired. They contacted Freas and he agreed to alter it for their cover of News of the World.


The figures in the original painting were cleverly replaced with Queen band members. Freddy Mercury and Brian May were put into the robot’s hand, while John Deacon and Taylor were falling to the ground. You can only see Taylor on the back cover.

rear cover

The LP inner gatefold image is the same robot reaching into the dome while crowds of panic stricken people run for their lives. The inside cover was also used to promote the band’s North American tour of 1977.

It’s one of rock’s great and most identifiable album covers, and has become something of a pop-art curio, even featured heavily in an episode of Family Guy. News of the World is one of the band’s most satisfying albums, and contains definitive Queen stadium-filling stompers like We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions, as well as the blistering heavy rock of Sheer Heart Attack.

There is also campy crooning (My Melancholy Blues), bluesy shuffles (Sleeping on the Sidewalk), breezy Latin rhythms (Who Needs You), neo-disco (Fight From the Inside), and mechanical funk (Get Down, Make Love) which the band would explore fully on subsequent albums such as Jazz (1978), The Game (1980), and the unfairly maligned Hot Space (1982). Best of all though is the majestic and underrated Queen classic, It’s Late.

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11 Responses to Queen – News of the World (1977)

  1. When I saw them live a few years back, the incorporated the robot into the show and the screen was so vivid it looked like it was coming out of the screen on to the stage. It is magnificent.

  2. Badfinger (Max) says:

    3rd grade recess… we were going outside to play kickball and a friend of mine brought this album to school and we stared and talked about it the rest of the day… and we hadn’t listened to it yet. A great idea for a cover and a great album to go with it.

    • Some great memories no doubt. I remember getting Hot Space for Christmas in in the mid-80s, (and Bowie’s Baal) both with a little indent on the vinyl record sleeve, still not sure why.

      • Badfinger (Max) says:

        I liked Hot Space when I first got it… Put out the Fire and others…oh Song for Lennon…I liked it better than the critics lol.

        In a week or two if you don’t mind I’m going to link back to this.

        • Please do Max, thanks for checking it out. I love Hot Space (relatively speaking). Action This Day, Put Out the Fire, Dancer, some major Queen monsters right there. And of course Under Pressure!

          • Badfinger (Max) says:

            I’m glad I finally found someone else that liked the album. The Game was a hard one to followup but I thought they did ok with this one.

  3. mitchteemley says:

    Big Queen (and sci-fi) fan from way back, so this was a hoot to read!

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