The Lemon Twigs – Bowery Ballroom, NYC

With a new album on the way, we appease our excitement with twelve of the greatest moments on record from New York’s incredible The Lemon Twigs.


Brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario of The Lemon Twigs recently played two shows in NYC’s Bowery Ballroom accompanied by bassist James Richardson and Andres Valbuena on drums, and as announced at the shows, have a new album in the can.

To celebrate, The Press has compiled selected highlights from the duo’s 2016 debut Do Hollywood and 2018’s concept album Go to School, along with a standalone double-A-side 7″ single, and the Brothers of Destruction EP (2017). The collection also includes tracks from their brilliant third LP, Songs for the General Public, released last year and all available on the band’s official website for independent record label 4AD. The wildly creative duo’s albums are also available on the Lemon Twigs Bandcamp page.

It’s hard not to admire the ambition, talent and showmanship, and the breadth of influences – from glam to music hall – of this band who, in a few short years have gone from playing New York’s bars to a record deal with 4AD, and received praise from everyone from Iggy Pop to Elton John. The fevered nature of their live shows can be witnessed in the link below: a heady, lavishly rococo brand of rock ‘n roll, bearing the influence of Big Star, Todd Rundgren, the Beach Boys and Broadway showtunes, recreated in their own unique style.

The Lemon TwigsGreatest Hits mp3



  1. Why Didn’t You Say That   03:18
  2. The One   02:26
  3. Foolin’ Around   02:48  
  4. Rock Dreams   05:39
  5. Wonderin’ Ways   02:46
  6. Tailor Made   03:38
  7. Baby Baby   04:56
  8. Hi + Lo   04:58
  9. Fight   02:56
  10. Small Victories   03:56
  11. Queen of My School   04:40
  12. As Long As We’re Together    05:03

Total running time: 47:38


The Lemon Twigs – Bowery Ballroom, NYC, 15 December 2021



1:53 – Hell on Wheels

6:05No One Holds You

9:44 – Fight

14:32 – Small Victories

20:26 – Still It’s Not Enough (unreleased)

24:10 – The One

26:45 – Queen of My School

32:30 – Every Day is the Worst Day of My Life (unreleased)

36:40 – These Words

40:26 – What You Were Doing (unreleased)

45:18 – Live in Favor of Tomorrow

49:13 – Hog

53:44 – Only a Fool

57:10 – Ashamed

1:02:55 – Leather Together

Acoustic Set

1:07:39 – Joanne (Mike Nesmith cover)

1:12:00 – Corner of My Eye (unreleased)

1:16:00 – Some Love? (unreleased)

1:19:25 – If You Give Enough


1:23:40 – As Long as We’re Together




Do Hollywood (2016)

Go to School (2018)

Songs for the General Public (2020)



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George Faulkner

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10 Responses to The Lemon Twigs – Bowery Ballroom, NYC

  1. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    I had a Big Star post a few years ago and someone suggested I listen to The Lemon Twigs. I have to admit I hear some of the same qualities in them. I became a fan shortly after.

  2. Know by name, not by music. Sounds like a band I’m missing out on though. Might need to add them to the ever growing list of things to listen to soon.

  3. rdfranciswriter says:

    Yes. This is very Big Star . . . but also takes me to the late ’80s college indie scene. Love it.

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