Waiting on a Friend

This photo of Mick and Keith was taken at The Feathers pub on 36 Tudor Street, London, on 30 July 1967 after both had just been granted bail and released from jail under conditions pending their appeals, following one of the Sixties’ most infamous drug busts. 


As cool as you like and enjoying a post beat-the-rap pint, the two Stones were freed on bail pending an appeal which would, a few weeks later, see the sentences quashed. The appeals court overturned Richards’ conviction for lack of evidence, and gave Jagger a conditional discharge.


Tucked away on a quiet corner off the hustle of Fleet Street in the extensive networks of lanes, courts and alleys, this historic London pub is located just outside the Tudor Gates of the Inner Temple and was rebuilt in 1974 and renamed The Witness Box. It has now sadly been converted into a branch of Jamie’s godawful wine bars.


And in a show of fleeting support The Who recorded and released a tribute cover single of Under My Thumb and The Last Time to coincide with the Glimmer Twins’ incarceration. What!?!

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16 Responses to Waiting on a Friend

  1. Another nail in the coffin of the classic London boozer… They are suffering big time.

  2. And there in lies the horror of gentrification. The Stones beat the rap but we all lost in the long run

  3. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    The Chelsea Drugstore is now a f###*** McDonalds. A lot of history lost…

  4. manvmusic says:

    I didn’t know about this one. I loved this little insight for the weekend, so thank you my friend. Stones are a fantastic band who will forever lay in the foundations of classic British music.

  5. Great shots of Mick n’ Keef and looking foward to the 40th Anniversary Edition of Tattoo You later this month!

  6. Knew the Who cover just not the reason behind the inspiration.

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