McCartney – Paperback Classics: Vol IV

Two of the all-time most inexplicably unreleased Paul McCartney paperback classics ever, and two songs that just happen to be among the artist’s most timeless recordings either for sheer quality, highly interesting unrealised hit-potential or buried in time. They are songs only McCartney nerds (like myse lf) know about via bootlegs and a world of compilations. Here at The Press we have unearthed these historically interesting and amazing tracks and present them in double A-side format for your listening pleasure.

McCartney – Paperback Classics: Vol IV  mp3


So Like Candy – Beautiful Paul McCartney/Elvis Costello demo from 1988 of a song that was in the mix for Flowers in the Dirt but left off that album, and eventually appearing on Elvis Costello’s Mighty Like a Rose (1991). 

Same Love – An extraordinarily heartfelt track recorded around 1987 and turned up as a long deleted b-side of Beautiful Night in 1997 to support Flaming Pie album. 

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4 Responses to McCartney – Paperback Classics: Vol IV

  1. I’m not being allowed to download the tracks.

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