Mainman Podcast


MainMan are compiling a fascinating series exploring the history of the record label, which was a rights management organisation formed by entrepreneur and impresario Tony Defries that helped to develop the careers of many artistes including Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Mick Ronson, Mott the Hoople, Ian Hunter and David Bowie.

With behind the scenes stories from those who lived and breathed the heady excesses of the period the podcast delves in to the MainMan archive to present an evocative walk on the wild side.

Half a century ago an incredible journey began when Tony Defries met David Robert Jones aka Bowie. David was at a very low point in his career and was seeking a saviour to help him escape the theatrical mime, vaudeville niche he was trapped in and achieve the rock superstardom he craved. Together they ‘sophisticated the Barnum and Bailey routines by adding the gloss of intellectual pretence and the modish exaggeration of theatre’. Melody Maker 1974

Catch up on the episodes or visit the Mainman label:

Episode Twelve

Photographer Mick Rock talks about collaborating with David Bowie.

Episode Eleven

Tony Visconti and Angie Bowie recall the early days of The Hype.

Episode Ten

Some of the early visitors to Haddon Hall recall their artistic adventures.

Episode Nine

Defries explains the influences for David’s early songs.

Episode Eight

Ronno: Defries explains Mick Ronson’s enormous impact on Bowie’s music, not to mention his ability to improvise, also displayed on his work with Dylan on stage during the Rolling Thunder Revue.


Episode Seven

Defries leads an escape strategy to freedom, fame and fortune.


Episode Six

Defries explains how Ziggy became a star…..


Episode Five

Tony Defries explains how he deconstructed David, giving him the freedom to become ‘Bowie’.


Episode Four

Dana Gillespie describes her adventures when the MainMan team moved to New York City.


Episode Three

Dana Gillespie explains how she met and then collaborated with David Bowie.


Episode Two

Tony Zanetta ‘Z’ tells how he introduced David Bowie to Andy Warhol in New York in September 1971.


Episode One

Tony Zanetta ‘Z’ tells how he first met David Bowie.


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