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The Rolling Stones – Tattoo You (1981)

HK_Jagger_2015-11Ever wondered who that chick was on the Stones’ Tattoo You album sleeve? Well wonder no more, it’s Mick Jagger. This is the evolution of photographer Hubert Kretzschmar’s Jagger portrait into the album cover for their last bullet-proof classic Tattoo You, from concept origin, art direction and pop-art design by Peter Corriston, and illustration by Christian Piper. 

The album title was originally planned to be Fall Fire and then simply Tattoo. Jagger claims to this day that even he has no clue how the You became attached to the title. The title caused friction between Jagger and Richards, with Richards suspecting that Jagger had changed the title without seeking his input. 


Notable examples of Corriston’s designs include Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti and four consecutive Rolling Stones album covers: Some GirlsEmotional RescueTattoo You and Undercover. Kretzschmar also worked on these Stones albums but did not receive credit in print. 

The image remains one of the most memorable album covers in the Stones’ discography and won the Grammy award in 1982 in the Best Album Package category. It was the first Grammy award for the Rolling Stones. Whatevs.


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