McCartney – Paperback Classics: Vol II

Two more of the all-time great McCartney paperback classics, and two songs that have barely seen the light of day. Ok, one was a b-side back in 1979 which just happens to be among the artist’s best songs. They are songs only McCartney nerds (like myself) know about. They have been buried in time. Here at Pierce’s Press we have unearthed these historically interesting and amazing tracks and present them in double A-side format for your listening pleasure.

McCartney – Paperback Classics: Vol II mp3


Seems Like Old Times – There is a demo version of this track that’s easy to find, and a less than readily available full band version which is what we have here. This appeared on an unofficial and somewhat rare bootleg (is anything rare nowadays?) called Unsurpassed Rudeness (2007), an album of particularly strong demos circa August 1980. Anyway, a wonderful song with an effortlessly serpentine melody from Macca.

Daytime Nighttime Suffering – Ok not a rare track, in fact was officially a Wings b-side to the quite good Goodnight Tonight in January 1979. Recorded at a time when Paul was just beginning the second phase of his real ‘solo’ career, this incredible track was inexplicably cut from the final Wings album Back to the Egg (1979) it has since been picked up on various compilations but should’ve been a big hit. Quite possibly one of his best songs. Lennon was a fan.

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