Stones Alone

Stones Alone

Welcome to Stones Alone. A mixtape compiling favourite selections from the Stones’ solo work over the decades.

  1. Take It So Hard – Taken from Keith Richards’ first solo album Talk is Cheap (1988).
  2. I Can Feel the Fire – Opener off Ronnie Wood’s first solo album I’ve Got My Own Album To Do (1974), features Mick and Keith among others.
  3. Put Me in the Trash – Stones-y Mick Jagger solo track taken from Wandering Spirit (1993).
  4. Slow Blues – A Mick Taylor bluesy instrumental highlighting his astonishing fretwork, taken from his underrated 1979 self-titled solo album.
  5. (You Got to Walk And) Don’t Look Back – Jagger joins Peter Tosh on this 1978 solo outing.
  6. Nothing On Me – One of the many outstanding tracks off Keith’s Crosseyed Heart (2015) album.
  7. Too Many Cooks (Spoil the Soup) – Jagger solo track dating back to 1974 produced by John Lennon during his lost weekend in LA, featuring such musicians as Jim Keltner on drums, Bobby Keys on sax and Harry Nilsson on backing vocals.
  8. How I Wish – Excellent track from Keith’s Talk is Cheap.
  9. Wicked As It Seems – Taken from Keith’s Main Offender (1992).
  10. Snowy Wood –  Pre-Stones Mick Taylor guitarist on John Mayall album Crusade (1967), this track the album centerpiece.
  11. Sweet Thing – Another track off Mick’s quite good Wandering Spirit.
  12. Big Enough – Opening track off Keith’s Talk is Cheap.
  13. Just Another Night – Minor hit for Mick off Stones-splintering solo debut She’s the Boss (1985).
  14. Eileen – Excellent track from Keith’s Main Offender.
  15. Robbed Blind – Best song off Keith’s Crosseyed Heart album.
  16. It Hurts Me Too – Mick, Bill, Charlie with Ry Cooder and Nicky Hopkins waiting for Keith to arrive. Elmore James penned song although Mick sings Dylan’s Pledging My Time as well. Appears on unofficial bootleg Jamming With Edward (1972).
  17. Hurricane – Keith on acoustic, this powerful non album single was released in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
  18. Breathe On Me – Ron Wood solo track off Now Look (1975).
  19. I Wanna Get Me a Gun – The Stones caused riots. Bill Wyman’s debut solo outing Monkey Grip (1974) is a riot. This opening track is no exception.
  20. Hard Woman – Much maligned personal favourite would’ve made a good Stones ballad – proves Mick was holding off the best songs for his solo album She’s the Boss displeasing Keith somewhat (see track 22).
  21. Far East Man – A George Harrison co-write and a fine soulful number off Ronnie Wood’s I’ve Got My Own Album To Do.
  22. You Don’t Move Me – Keith poison pen song to Mick when the band splintered in the mid-80s, and he doesn’t miss. From Talk is Cheap.

Stones Alone

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