Average Guy – Lou in the 80s

Lou in the 80s

1. My Friend George
2. I Remember You
3. The Day John Kennedy Died
4. Pow Wow
5. High in the City
6. No Money Down
7. Women
8. Halloween Parade
9. Down at the Arcade
10. Hold On
11. Think it Over
12. Average Guy
13. Mistrial
14. Romeo Had Juliette
15. Turn Out the Light (live)
16. Martial Law (live)
17. Dirty Blvd.
18. Fly Into the Sun
19. Good Evening Mr Waldheim
20. New Sensations
21. Outside
22. Heavenly Arms
23. Tell it to Your Heart
24. The Last Shot


Total running time: 1:29:34

Tracks taken from the following albums:
Growing Up in Public (1980)
The Blue Mask (1982)
Legendary Hearts (1983)
A Night With Lou Reed (1983)
Live in Italy (1984)
New Sensations (1984)
Mistrial (1986)
New York (1989)

I bring you 24 personal highlights of Lou Reed’s astonishing solo career. Robert Quine (guitar), Fernando Saunders (bass), Fred Maher (drums) and Mike Rathke (guitar), among others, accompany the legendary American singer/songwriter/guitarist in his resurgent decade, the 1980’s.

Lou in the 80s – Average Guy

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