Paul McCartney’s Ever Present Past: 1991 – 2014


The much anticipated third and final volume of my Paul McCartney career focussed mega-overview.

side one
1. ever present past
2. fine line
3. mistress and maid
4. appreciate
5. young boy
6. friends to go
7. calico skies
8. tiny bubble
9. a certain softness
10. the lovers that never where
11. mr. bellamy
12. souvenir
13. i can bet
14. dance tonight

side two
15. flaming pie
16. hope of deliverance
17. only mama knows
18. save us
19. driving rain
20. heaven on a sunday
21. off the ground
22. see your sunshine
23. your way
24. cosmically conscious
25. run devil run
26. back in the sunshine
27. highway

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2 Responses to Paul McCartney’s Ever Present Past: 1991 – 2014

  1. says:

    You’re a McCartney fiend

    Hey – I’m going through another revival, this time grunge…but looking for ‘new old’ grunge that I never listened. Who do you reckon is worth listening to from that time ? Apart from the usual suspects like Smashing Pumpkims, Nirvana…

    I remember a guy at the snow I worked with was right into Alice in Chains and he would flog that song The Rooster over and over….

    Plans for Chrissy ?

    • Grifters – Crappin’ You Negative (1994) is a classic from that period, & one of my favourite albums ever.. What about:
      Straightjacket Fits
      Guided by Voices
      The Amps
      Silver Jews
      Archers of Loaf

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