McCartney: Paul McCartney in the 80s

I’ve always considered myself a Lennon man when it comes to the Beatles – and I’ll always remain in that camp – but the joys of McCartney’s solo career are much more widely spread than I had ever imagined (see Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 70s). One of rock’s true masters.







side one:
1. This One
2. The Pound is Sinking
3. The Other Me
4. Press
5. No More Lonely Nights
6. Back on My Feet
7. Distractions
8. Only Love Remains
9. Take it Away
10. Footprints
11. Stranglehold
12. Tug of War

side two:
13. So Bad
14. We Got Married
15. Here Today
16. Not Such a Bad Boy
17. My Brace Face
18. Good Times Coming/Feel the Sun
19. Through Our Love
20. Wanderlust
21. Figure of Eight
22. Talk More Talk
23. Put it There
24. Pretty Little Head
25. Pipes of Peace

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