Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s

Man on the Run

side one
1. we’re open tonight
2. backwards traveller
3. eat at home
4. tomorrow
5. monkberry moon delight
6. getting closer
7. don’t let it bring you down
8. heart of the country
9. magneto & titanium man
10. single pigeon
11. on the way
12. every night
13. junior’s farm
14. big barn bed
15. nobody knows
16. oh woman, oh why
17. wild life

side two
1. she’s my baby
2. daytime nighttime suffering
3. one of these days
4. some people never know
5. bluebird
6. love in song
7. junk
8. when the night
9. girlfriend
10. dear boy
11. love is strange
12. london town
13. warm and beautiful
14. girls school
15. summers day song

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